Export-It Plus is approximately a 96% Single-Entry Data System (no system can ever be 100%). The system produces some 50-odd different documents and chances are that it would cover your requirements. In the event you may have a document that is not included, we would examine the document with a view to reproducing it for you.

From the same data input, you can create an EDN (Export Declaration Number), RFP (Request for Permit), SEW (Single Electronic Window), PRA (Pre Receival Advice) or an eFI (electronic Forwarding Instruction) and submit them to Customs, AQIS, 1-Stop or DP World, and Shipping Companies via Export-It.

Export-It Plus is an inter-relational database based system (not template based) with in excess of 320 available "defaults" throughout the database tables. These "defaults" assist in minimizing repetitive data input when creating contracts and invoices. As well, the system uses progressive data input from the sale or purchase contract through to the invoice — with each step utilizing the prior data input — thus saving time and reducing the risk of errors.