About Us




Syscob Pty Ltd is a computer software company, that specializes in computer programming and system analysis, to provide software solutions originally to the Australian Meat Industry, and now for the wider Export Fraternity.

Syscob Pty Ltd has been servicing the Meat Industry since 1984, firstly with abattoir payroll systems, which are still being used today, and secondly, the development of a Sales and Marketing System, for the production of commercial documentation and statistical reporting. This system was first used in 1985 and is still in use at some 15 different sites around Australia. Each system was custom built for each exporter..

In 1991 the AMLC, (Australian Meat and Livestock Corporation) commissioned Syscob Pty Ltd, to maintain and further develop Meatcom. This development is still an ongoing process, as can be readily seen by the recipients of the many updates. The current version has long since been updated from character mode to a Windows-based application. These benefits have been, and will continue to be passed back to the EXDOC users, by way of regular updates to their systems. This also includes periodical changes made to the EXDOC and CMR ICS systems by AQIS and ACS.

In July 1999, the MLA (Meat and Livestock Australia) sold the rights for Meatcom to Syscob Pty Ltd. This purchase by Syscob Pty Ltd further strengthens, and really highlights the commitment of Syscob Pty Ltd to not only the Meat Industry, but also to the other commodities which have and will become a part of EXDOC, namely Dairy, Fish, Grain, Horticulture, Wool, and Skins & Hides. As a result, Meatcom has now been renamed Export-It, in recognition of the fact that EXDOC now regulates commodities other than meat. Export-It has always been, and will continue to keep pace with the many, and future, changes that have, and will, take place with EXDOC and CMR ICS.

We believe that our service in providing the exporters an interface for the EXDOC & CMR ICS systems, and maintaining software is second to none, which is no doubt why Export-It is in operation at over some 350 different sites around Australia, and continues to grow.

In 2004 we added electronic Pre-Receival Advices (PRAs) to Export-It to be sent to the Shipping terminals. Again, in 2005, we added electronic Forwardng Instructions (FIs) to Export-It to go to ANY shipping company.

As well, Syscob Pty Ltd has completed many Ad Hoc Systems for a number of diverse trades and companies, but the main focus is EDI software applications for the Export Industry. Syscob Pty Ltd has a collective experience in the Meat, Export and Shipping Industry of some 82 years amongst its employees, and this knowledge and experience has been applied to the development of the software application of Export-It Plus.